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To our Home.

As I'm a webdesigner, I created a page devoted to our home. Like every home, our home has it's little tricks to do things & it's corners to find things. This page is here to help you out.

Thank you so much for staying, and do not hesitate to reach out if you need ANYTHING...

Our warm regards,

Rob, Annelies

and Alois and Eliza!

ROB : +32 477 56 37 32

ANNELIES: +32 472 38 77 33

House Rules

The golden rule.

We'll hope you'll treat our house as if it was your own. We don't lock away stuff, but we do appreciate it if you'll respect our privacy, so please dont go through our upboards and closets ;)

Thank you!



Where to park

In front of the house you have to pay, but Parking is free beyond this sign, about halfway our street, so once you unload the car its best to park beyond this sign. 


When you get here

The key may be finnicky, so I move past in a clockwise direction, and then counterclockwise. You'll get it :) 

Never leave the key on the inside of the lock when going out, you will lock yourself out. The only way in in this case is getting a locksmith!


How to sort etc

Beneath the sink there are two garbage bins.


The first is for garbage/waste that cant be sorted, the second is for greens and perishables (no cooked food), there are white bags provided for this.



The door to the basement is where you can sort;
Paper/Cardboard: in cardboard box.

Glass: Plastic container.

Clean plastic bottles, bags, tins and cans: in the blue bag.

Do's and dont's


You can use anything in the kitchen. The Induction countertop. Pots, pans, cutlery. Make coffee or tea. The coffee machine is inside the cupboard on the right hand side of the sink. This has a big strip of plugs which you can turn on or off. Turn this on to turn on the light, the coffee machine, the toaster etc...

You can use the dishwasher. Tablets are underneath the sink.

Please don't use the food & drinks in the fridge and cupboards.

Also feel free to water any plant that looks thirsty ;)


How to sort etc

You can use the towels, the ones on the shelf are for your body, the ones on the floor are for the ...floor :) .
Toilet paper is provided. Please use your own toiletries. Only toilet paper in the toilet, anything else goes into the bin next to the toilet.


TV, WIFI & Toys!

WIFI network:


password is  8B7g7D44

Use the narrow remote to turn on the TV and pick HDMI1 (also volumecontrols), and the other remote to turn on and control the digital tv box.
We have a Chromecast (name = huiskamer) you can use once your phone is connected to the wifi. This is the remote to flip channels etc... they take their time to load/start-up.

Toys: feel free to let your kids play with all the toys, just try to get them back in their places/boxes after playing. The two white cupboards hold lots of games & puzzles. Underneath the couch their are blocks and vehicles.


The rooms

We have one master bedroom, our room, then Eliza's & Alois' room also on the second floor.​

Our room has an electric blind, which can be operated via a button on the left hand side of the window.

I will make some room in our closet for your clothes.

The light-switch has two buttons, the left one operates the light, the right one operates the bottom electrical sockets around the room. 

Air out the rooms in the morning by putting the window in the tilt position.

Food & Groceries

Right outside...

If you walk outside our house take a right, and down the first street on the right you'll walk up to a bakery (cloesed on Thursdays). If you walk outside our house take a left to the small town square in front of the church you'll find a small grocer for fruit and veg (closed on mondays), a classic belgian chip-shop and a pharmacy.

Big supermarkets:
Delhaize: Driesstraat 96
Carrefour: Frederik Burvenichstraat 21

You can order food on Deliveroo or Uber Eats. We like 'Casper' on Deliveroo. (Great Comfort food)

To Do

Ghent has so much to offer...

Obviously the historic centre cant be missed.

Nearby our house you have : Gentbrugse meersen where you can walk, take the bike, and also nice playground for Fin. Ghent is a very very nice city to visit, we will leave some guides and maps. The Bourgoyen is also a big park on the other side of Ghent, but it is a good bike ride away.


To eat you van check the sites newplacestobe and also this facebook page: hipste adresjes van Gent. 


To eat nearby our house, you have 'ma en ik' (small lunch and breakfastplace) there is a park with a playground near that place aswell.

Also clouds in my coffee, alberte( more fancy, but not that expensive), zebrabeach is also very nice little hangout, its basically a big wading pool with sand around it where our kids play while we enjoy a drink.


Dok Gent is also fun these days, it's a big industrial site that has been repurposed as a hangout space, with lots of sand to play, food stalls etc.


If you like museums: stam, msk, design museum, het gravensteen (pictured) and the touristic boats in the centre is alsof a very nice thing to do. But you can rent a little boat yourself, check Minerva boats, and you van make a tour just outside Ghent. Or rent a kayak and explore Ghent from it's waterways.

Have a great stay!

So that should sum things up :)

Need anything else? Just let us know...

ROB : +32 477 56 37 32

ANNELIES: +32 472 38 77 33

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